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Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Do you want to be a rock star? Are you in a band and struggling for somewhere to practice? Are you into music production and want to produce your own CD in a studio? How about producing your own radio broadcast or podcast?

CRMZ can help you with all of the above!

We have a fully kitted out, air conditioned live room for band practice and performance. The studio is acoustically treated and has enough sockets to light up Blackpool illuminations, so all your band can plug in and play at once.

We have a selection of condenser and dynamic microphones, the choice is yours. There’s no need to bring your own drum kit, we have one that you can use. There are amps for guitar and bass, microphones and stands, a patch bay (with 28 sockets) for studio recording. You name it, we’ve pretty much got it.

Just next door, with a viewing window into the live room, is the control room. Again this is fully air conditioned, with loads of plug in points. There’s some really impressive sound kit in here, including a 24 input ghost Soundcraft mixing desk and a fully operational recording studio. We’ve even got the latest IMac – what more could you want?

What’s that? You want to produce a radio broadcast, a podcast or a video? Yes, you can do that too at CRMZ, with all of the tools you need to create amazing digital media.

Take a look at our video tour:

If you would like book this room please click here or call 0151 257 2520.